Terms and conditions

  1. Parties are limited to twenty walkers on a first-come first-served basis after which a waiting list will apply.
  2. Refunds can only be given if you can find someone to take your place, or the walk has to be cancelled. 
  3. It is not normally possible to delay the start of the walk so you must ensure that you arrive on time.
  4. If you have to cancel on the day please call me on my cell phone 07929 628123. At all other times call my land-line 01297 552426.
  5. Bring suitable footwear (preferably boots), waterproofs, a spare sweater, trail snacks and water.
  6. English walking etiquette requires muddy boots to be removed, or covered in supermarket bags, before entering pubs.
  7. Bathroom facilities are limited. They are usually available on the train, at some railway stations, and at the pub. Please inform the guide if you need some privacy on the trail so that the group can stroll on and wait for you.
  8. Sorry, no dogs because their presence invalidates my insurance cover.
  9. I am familiar with the route. I carry a first-aid kit, an emergency shelter (never yet used!), maps, compass, a handheld satnav, and the telephone numbers of local taxi firms.
  10. Members of the group must accept sole and full responsibility for their own well-being and safety.